Gurushots the best photo contest is World's Greatest Photography Playground that connects, inspires, and educates around the world. It’s an amazingly fun way to showcase your photos.
This is a great photo playground for getting quick response and vote exposure from millions of photographers.
Gurushots strategy
Top winner photo
Three years ago when I joined Gurushoot and took photos by imitating high-level photographers. After coming to this playground, I finally realized that the challenge cannot be won as soon as the photo is uploaded. For this, apart from good photos, a strategy is also needed.

Gurushots the best photo contest winning tricks
  • First of all, you have to have bright, sharp, and eye-catching pictures with good composition.
  • Upload images related to the theme and fill exposure when the vote stoped. 
  • Fill exposure 4 photos challenges once a day and single photo challenges twice a day
  • When you join the challenge, fill exposure, swap, and boost, make sure that most of the people are involved in the Gurushoot. This is the time to fall asleep in a certain time zone and the time to wake up in a certain time zone and end the challenge.
  • If your image is not receiving good votes, swap it often during user engagement. Boost to get extra votes in the 4 photo challenge.
  • If you join within 24 hours, the free boost will be unlocked.
  • Late joining challenge needs unlock key.
If you join the team, you can learn a lot from the experience of the Gurus and team members.
In order to win the challenge and reach the highest level, don't take part in many challenges with one photo.
By applying effects and filters, the image can be made attractive and eye-catching. There are plenty of such apps and plugins in the market. There are also many video lessons. Here is the link to the video tutorial to create such an attractive image.

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Gurushots the best photo contest
Edited photoshop photo
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