What is an ISO in Photography?
Digital Photography ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The same principles apply as in film photography 
The lower the number the less sensitive your camera is to light and the finer the grain. Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds. For example, an indoor sports event when you want to freeze the action in lower light. However the higher the ISO you choose the noisier shots you will get. 
  • Indoor Sports Events – where your subject is moving fast yet you may have limited light available.
  • Concerts – also low in light and often ‘no-flash zones
  • Art Galleries, Churches, etc. Many galleries have rules against using a flash and of course being indoors is not well lit.
  • Birthday Parties – blowing out the candles in a dark room can give you a nice moody shot that would be ruined by a bright flash. Increasing the ISO can help capture the scene.

ISO is an important aspect of digital photography to have an understanding of if you want to gain more control of your digital camera. Experiment with different settings and how they impact your images. Particularly learn more about Aperture and Shutter Speed which with ISO are a part of the Exposure Triangle.

What is a ISO in Photography
Iso scale
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