Bhaktapur is called as Khwopa  in Newari language and aslo known as a city of the temples. The city is locate in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley.

Bhaktapur Heritage Of Nepal
Statue of Bhuptintra Malla
Bhaktapur Heritage Of Nepal - Bhaktapur has its own identity variously as City of Devotees, Living Heritage, Nepal's Cultural world, An open museum, and a City of Culture. Bhaktapur is an old city and is renowned for its elegant art, fabulous culture, colorful festivals, traditional dances, and indigenous lifestyle of the Newari community and so many. It is the neighborhood city of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The historic city is spreading over just an area of 6.88 square kilometers at a 1,401-meter altitude. The city was founded around the 12th century by King Anand Dev belongs to the Malla dynasty. Bhaktapur was the capital of the Greater Malla Kingdom in the Kathmandu Valley till the 15th century. Many of the Bhaktapur's greatest monuments were built by the Malla rulers.
Bhaktapur was listed UNESCO world heritage site in 1979 including the other 6 places which are located radial within 20 km. The main attraction of this heritage is 55 window place and it is said which almost took over 50 years to complete. 
Bhaktapur has been heavily restored since a 1934 earthquake severely damaged the city. To further restoration and preservation there is an entrance fee for visitors. The city has again been heavily damaged recently by the 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake on 25 April 2015 and restoration is undergoing.

Bhaktapur Heritage Of Nepal
Temple in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur Heritage Of Nepal
5 storey temple known as Nyat pole

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