Sel roti is a traditional ring-shaped Nepali food prepared by rice flour and maize flour classified in Bread. Sel roti is made especially during festivals and special occasions like weddings, worship functions, etc. It found in the menus of restaurants nowadays. It is famous food in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Hong Kong, and the UK where Nepalis residents lives in large numbers. Sel roti serves with curry and tea or Sea same pickle. It is used for breakfast or lunch and its taste like sweet, sweet-less, Marsala flavor, fruit flavor, etc. 
Sel Roti Nepali typical food
Sel roti

Ingredients making Sel roti 
Main ingredients: - Rice flour or maize flour, Cooking oil or ghee, Kaulo (Tree bark flour) 
Sub ingredients for taste: - Sugar, Cardamom, Clove, Banana, Eggs, Baking powder. 

Add spices or sugar according to taste to the flour and make it a thick liquid by adding water. Heat oil in a pot and make a round circle with skillful hands and put it in oil and cook.

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