Nepali festival Dashain
Sunuwar people worship in Dashain 

Is Dashin a big festival for Nepalis?

The answer is correct when there was a monarchy before the establishment of the republic (Federal republic May 28, 2008). At that time, the history of the winners was read and the history of others was restricted.
Nepal is not a country of the same language and community. There are 123 languages ​​mentioned in the recent constitution. If we look at the legend and history of Dashain, it is related to Hinduism and it is mentioned in the history that the majority castes were later converted to Hinduism.
After the unification of Nepal (Began in 1686CE after King Prithvi Narayan Shah ), Dashain was made a national festival and with the practice of giving government leave and allowances and awards, other languages ​​and castes also showed interest in this festival.
After the people's movement for the end of secularism and caste discrimination 2008CE, the monarchy came to an end and different castes began to search for their language and culture. They have arguments and evidence that the majority of the tribes did not follow Dashain by their ancestors and did not fit in with the indigenous culture. According to them, if the old government figures are removed from the census, the majority will claim that there is no Hindu religion and Dashain is not a big festival of Nepal. According to the current census, 81.3% of Hindus in Nepal are given long government leaves at the Dashain Nepali festival. Nowadays different ethnic groups have different big festivals in Nepal.

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