Tihar the festival of lights
Sister putting Tika to brother
Tihar or Tiwar festival is also called Deepawali and Diwali by Madhesis people of Nepal as well as Indian people too, Swanti by Newars and Yama Panchak by Hindus, is celebrated by Hindus and non-Hindus in their own way. It is celebrated for 5 days. It is mainly celebrated in Nepal, India, and Bhutan or where many Nepalis live.  It is also called the festival of lights, flowers, and colors.

The first day is the crow festival called Kag Tihar and the crow is worshiped as the informant of Yama or where many Nepalis live. The second day of the dog festival called Kukur Tihar is to worship the dogs as agents of Yama or where many Nepalis live. On the third day, Gai Tihar and Lakshmi Puja are performed. On this day, the cow is worshiped in the morning and given food, and Goddess Lakshmi is prayed and worshiped in the evening. The fourth day is for the oxen called Goru puja (worshiped oxen) and the Newari community worships Maha by dedicating themselves. The fifth day is Vai Tika (Brothers' Day), sisters put tika on the foreheads of their brothers and bless them.

On the day of Lakshmi Pooja, the goddess of wealth, everyone welcomes her home by making footpaths to reach inside the house. Everyone lights a lamp and keeps the windows and doors of the house open for the arrival of the goddess. By doing so, it is believed that Lakshmi's arrival does not lead to a shortage of wealth. That day also belongs to the cow which represents Lakshmi.

The last day of the festival is Bhai Tika (Brothers Day) when the hour of waiting is over. The sisters wish their brothers and sisters a prosperous and long life with a garland of never-fading velvet and marigold flowers.
Tihar the festival of lights
Sister putting Tika to sister

Note: - Based on the Tihar (Yama Panchak) Lunar calendar, the dates are different every year. The festival usually falls in October and November, and there are usually two festivals on the same day such as Kukur Tihar and Gai Tihar.

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