Begnas lake is the third-largest lake in Nepal. This lake is located in the southeast of the Pokhara Valley. The lake is 650 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​3.28 km sq The maximum depth of the lake is 10 meters and the average depth is 6.6 meters. There is also Rupa Lake at a distance of 10 km from Begnas Lake and Its area is 135 ha, Maximum depth is 6 meters. As Nepal's second Phewa Lake and third Begnus Lake are in Pokhara, Rupa Lake is overshadowed in terms of tourism. Currently, the water of this lake is used for fisheries and irrigation. And the water flowing from Begnas Lake is also used for fisheries caged and irrigation.
Begnas lake
Boat at Begnas lake
Begnas lake
Begnas lake & Boats

The main activity of this lake is boating and when the weather is clear we can see beautiful mountain reflection in the lake. Boat are rented hourly basis with a sailor or without a sailor. Domestic tourists do not miss visiting this lake while visiting Pokhara.

It is very easy to reach Begnas Lake. it's only 13 kilometers from Pokhara and 4 km from Taal Chowk of Prithvi Highway, The highway to Pokhara. To get to Begnas Lake you can hire a local bus taxi limousine which you can afford. You can ride a motorcycle and if you have a license, you can rent a motorcycle from Pokhara and go around all day. 

There are all kinds of hotels, lodges, and restaurants to eat and stay. The Sundari Danda between Bugnas Lake and Rupa lake is suitable for stay overnight. Special Nepali food like Dalbhat and fresh fish are available here and there are various menus according to the standard of the hotel and restaurant. 
Rupa lake
Rupa Lake

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