Tourism in Nepal after the COVID-19 is very uncommon. After the Nepal government opened the tourism sector which was closed due to the COVID-19, a ray of hope has started appearing. With the onset of more COVID-19, air transportation has not yet fully opened to other continents except some Asian countries. The decline in tourist arrivals is also due to the reluctance of peoples to travel with risky journeys such as transit routes and PCR reports. Travel agencies are also reluctant to openly promote some major tourism areas due to local government barriers.

Tourism in Nepal after the COVID-19
Mountain view from Nagarkot 

Remember, if some brave tourists want to come, they are always ready for a crowd-free trip from the government and the tourism sector.

Apart from the tourist destinations in remote areas, domestic tourists have provided some relief inaccessible areas. Domestic tourists are also interested in visiting areas where there are no crowds at present. Although trekking expeditions are not yet fully opened, transportation and hotel lodges are open. 

Tourism in Nepal after the COVID-19
Ambarella street Sankata Kathmanud

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