Umbrella street Kathmandu in Nepal

Nepal's umbrella street Kathmandu has been closed due to overcrowding. Probably, as far as I know, the umbrella street in the New Road Sankata area, which was built to attract the mass first in Nepal. The Sankata Club had built an umbrella street at a time when the New Road area, considered the heart of the business, was at a standstill like other areas due to Epidemic Covid-19. Umbrellas were placed over the old Sankata road area as it was not a new site.

Umbrella street Kathmandu
Umbrella street, New road

The street was especially popular with young women, where hundreds of people gathered daily to take photos and make TikTok videos. If such new thinking and methods were brought in a systematic way by building long-term infrastructure, it would be of some help to the epidemic-stricken tourism.

The Sakwo Resort Sankhu, Kathamndu

The Sakwo Resort, built in the Sankhu area from Kathmandu on the basis of such new thinking and methods, is also very popular among the youth. It is about 15 kilometers from Kathmandu and is a resort built with simple but different attractions. Its main attraction is a place like two nests made for habitation. The resort is in operation with a park, pond, and party palace. Operated in a part of the city, this resort is not natural and secluded and there is no guest house to stay overnight.

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