Dhami jhakri in nepal
Rai Jhankri

Who is Dahami Jhakri?

Dhami Jhankri is a person who is traditionally believed to have divine power involved in the worship of gods and goddesses. It is science related to magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc. They can communicate with spirits or ancestors, and ability anticipate future work and situations. Dhami jhankri is not Shamanism, but in Shamanism the religious leader is a Dhami Jhankri. There are different names in different languages ​​according to different castes and communities. Poinb/gyami - Sunuwar, Bijuwa - Rai, Bonbo - Tamang etc.
Many people and tourist likes Jhakri nach (Jhankri dance) and their beautiful traditional costumes. Nowdays they present their art to the public on special festivals and occasions.

Is it the profession of Dhami Jhakri in Nepal? 

Of course not, According to the Mundhum religion True Dhami Jhakri uses Aksheta (Rice grain), Titepati (Mugwort), Naunighyu (Butter), and eggs. Money and possessions are not taken. Fake Dhami Jhankri works as an animal sacrifice for eating purposes. We should give them as much as they ask. Now, fake Dhami Jhankris are misleading the common people by charging arbitrary fees in the name of Baba and Mata. This is a perversion in the Dhami Jhankri culture.

How to become a Dhami Jhakri?

Dhami jhankri can be learned from an expert guru. Some people are born with symptoms and after some time of practice, they become Dhami jhankri, while others are taught by Ban Jjhankri, but he or she must be minor. Dhami jhankri taught by Ban jhankri is considered important and high level. In the case of communal religious leaders, it is customary to pass on the knowledge to the next generation. The great festival of Dhami jhankri of Nepal, Rishi Tarpani is also known as Janai Purnima, is considered the day of Teachers day (The custom of giving a gift to the Guru). 

Who is Ban Jhankri?

Bun jhankri is like a legend, story, or fantasy whatever. The Ban jhankri is like a short height woman with a hair spread, say those who are taken by the Ban jhankri. It is said that the Ban Jhankri while teaching throws on slope mountain, throw's into the waterfall, and dips them in the lake, When it is completed, it brings back the same from where it was taken. It is said that those who are carried away by the Ban Jhankri go mad if they are not complete.

Dhami Jhakri is the only religion that identifies a very old and traditional culture. Physicians and healthcare centers around the world today are considered to be the result of this method of treating patients as well as treating diseases with herbs. It can also be taken as psychology or psychologist.

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