Introduction of Holi

Nepal is small in size but rich in diversity of religions and cultures. Holi, the great festival of the Hindus known as the festival of colors, is celebrated in Nepal and other Hindu countries every year on the full moon of Falgun (March/April) also called Fagu Purnima. On the day of the Holi festival of colors, people paint each other different colors and have fun dancing. Holika is burnt on the night before the day of Holi (Festival of colors). After burning Holika at night, it is customary to dissolve the dye in water in the morning and throw it on each other. It is said that on the day of Holi (Festival of colors), people get together by ending old bitterness, forgetting enmity.  On this day, tourists also get a lifetime experience by playing Holi.
Tourists and those who want to play Holi festival of colors can go to Bashantapur i.e. Kathmandu Durbar Square. Please do not bring children as it is crowded and take special care of the elderly and infirm.

Holi festival of colors
Girl in Holi

Holi in Kathmandu and all over Nepal

On the eve of Holi, the festival begins with Holika Dahan (Brunt Holika) in front of Basantapur Durbar in Nepal. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the day when Holika Hiranyakashyapuki's sister Holika sat in the fire to kill Prahlad the son of  Hiranyakashyapuka who is Vishnu's devotee. In Nepal, Holi is celebrated on the day of Phagu Purnima in the hilly areas and the next day in the Terai. Holi (festival of clours) is also celebrated with great pomp in the villages of Nepal. It is customary to sprinkle water, abir, orange, and other colors on Holi.

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Nowadays, Holi (festival of colors) has also brought various kinds of distortions and anomalies. In Holi, today's youths do things against one's will, such as painting, breaking eggs, smashing mobiles, smearing mud, and drinking alcohol, marijuana, cannabis, etc., which cannot be considered good.

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