Kakani is a village situated at an altitude of approximately 2030 meters above sea level and it is under Kakani Rural Municipality in Nuwakot District. Kakani village is known as the most beautiful tourist destination of Nuwakot. Here the famous Archaeological Palace Basanti Durbar, the view of the mountains from Kakani Heights has attracted the attention of tourists. Despite being a mixture of different castes and religions, Tamang and Buddhism predominate here.

Kakani Memorial Park
Kakani park


People from Kathmandu valley come to eat live rainbow trout fish as well as other traditional Nepali food like Dhindo with local chicken. Hundreds of people come to the picnic spot of Kakani Danda to play daily picnics. This number doubles as the school office are closed on Saturdays. Here is a beautiful Kakani Memorial Park, dedicated to the Thai Airways TG311 crash. The Kakani view tower under construction to see the mountains is in the final stages. Kakani Stupa, Strawberry farms, and Natural climbing rocks are also other attractions of Kakani.

How to get to Kakani?

To get to Kakani you can hire a local bus taxi limousine which you can afford. Depending on the level of the road, two-wheeled and off-road vehicles are suitable to go there. Motorcycles and jeep are recommended. It's around 25 kilometers from Kathmandu valley to the north.


It's depending on your visit's purpose short or long. Comfortable clothing and a seasonal jacket and a few pairs of clothing and basic first aid kits are recommended overnight. For day hiking and picnics except for uncomfortable clothes and high heel sandals you can use your choice.

What to eat?

Obey your diet who have diabetes, hypertension, and food allergy. Dal Bhat is a common Nepalese food served with rice, lentil soup, and vegetable curry, as well as the pickle which is a side dish. People from Kathmandu valley come to eat deep-fried rainbow trout. Instantly killing your hunger noodle soup is common while visiting Nepal, but be careful it's junk food. Other traditional foods are Dindo served with Gundruk, Achar, vegetable curry, ghee, or local chicken/mutton curry for non-veg. Other popular dishes are Momo, chow mein, and Sel roti which is Traditional food ring-shaped bread made from rice flour. Traditional food Dhindo is making maize flour, wheat flour, buckwheat flour. 

Rainbow trout in Kakani

At Last

Safety yourself and others first. Always respect others' cultures and traditions. Try to leave your footmarks only. Manage your garbage. Have fun traveling and don't forget to tell others.

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