Spring is the major climbing season for all types of mountains and trekking in Nepal. In spring, the weather is hot and the scenery is clear. The chances of rain or clouds are less than other times. Due to the warm weather and frozen snow, the spring season is the best peak climbing season. The spring season lasts for three months from March to May. Apart from Spring, it is also suitable for climbing medium-sized mountains during the winter season. Here is Mountaineering royalty information in Nepal.

In Nepal, there are 8 out of 14 peaks above 8000 meters, 127 peaks above 7000 meters and 1166 peaks above 6000 meters.

Mountaineering Royalty according to Department of  Tourism.

Royalty for Foreign Climber per Person effect from 01 January 2015

SL No. Mountain Spring season Autumn seasonAutumn/Winter
1 Everest normal route $11000             $5500                     $2750
2 Everest other route $10000 $5000 $2500
3 Other mountain more than 8000M $1800 $900 $450
4 7501M - 7999M $600 $300 $150
5 7000M - 7500M $500 $250 $125
6 6501M - 6999M $400 $200 $100
7 Less than 6500M $250 $125 $70

Royalty for Nepalese Climber per Person effect from Bs 2070.11.1

SL No. Mountain Spring season Autumn seasonAutumn/Winter
1 Everest normal route Rs.75000            Rs.37500                     Rs.18250
2 Everest other route Rs.60000 Rs.30000 Rs.15000
3 Others Mountain more than 8000M 10000 Rs.5000 Rs.2500
4 7501M - 7999M Rs.8000 Rs.4000 Rs.2000
5 7000M - 7500M Rs.6000 Rs.3000 Rs.1500
6 6501M - 6999M Rs.5000 Rs.2500 Rs.1250
7 Less than 6500M Rs.4000 Rs.2000 Rs.1000

Annapurna range

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