I have already described from Kathmandu to Kuri Village on another page regarding the Kalinchowk tour. Please read by clicking here. Here is the second-day trip start of the Kalinchowk tour.
kalinchowk cable car
kalinchowk cable car
mountains seen from kalinchowk
Mountains seen from Kalinchowk

Friday, April 2, 2021, Kuri village
We thought we couldn't sleep at night because we forgot to bring our inner pants because it's so cold in Kuri Village. But nothing happened while our plan to get up at 4:00 AM in the morning to take a sunrise photo was shattered in bed by 5:00 AM. As the Kalinchowk cable car would only be operated at six o'clock, it was planned to go somewhere high place in the Kuri Village and take a photo of Sunrise. We did not regret it as the morning weather was not so clean. According to Suunto watch, the height of Kuri Village was 3350 meters and the temperature was 1 degree. The actual height of Kuri Village is 3450 meters and it should be the height of the hill. 

After the ticket counter opened, we bought a cable car ticket. kalinchowk Cable car tickets are Rs 500 per person for adults, Rs 800 for Indians, and Rs 1,000 for foreigners. This fare is two-way, with a 25 percent discount for students, the disabled, and elderly persons. Free for children under 3 years, Rs 200 for goats, and Rs 10 per kg for goods. Goats are sacrificed in Kalinchok as it is customary to sacrifice. The Kalinchok cable car is 950 meters long and takes about 5 minutes to travel and it has only four gondolas. After a five-minute cable car journey, we reached the upper station.

At the top of the hill at an altitude of about 3842 meters is the place of Kalinchok Bhagwati. There are a few small hotels nearby and a few shops with worship materials. The weather wasn't very clean, but it was a little better than usual. It had rained in Charikot yesterday, the hail had fallen in Kuri Village, but it had snowed in Kalinchok. For Kirpa Bhai, who has never played in the snow, it was a wonderful time. When the weather is clear, the mountains seen from here are Number 6959 meters, Tengi Ragi Tau 6943 meters, Melungche 7181 meters China, Gary Shankar 7146 meters, Chhoba Bamare 5939 meters, Shisapang 8013 meters China and Dorje Lakpa 6990 meters, etc.

 As we were the first devotees, it was not difficult to reach Bhagwati's place in the fresh snow. After the pooja, we went a little farther north and clicked photos, playing in the snow. We didn't know that two hours had passed since we got to play in the snow. When we returned, there was a crowd of devotees and the road was slippery with snow. Devotees were talking about headaches and forgetting to bring garlic. Coming to Kalinchok directly from Charikot can suffering high altitude sickness, avoid high altitude sickness, you should sleep one night in Kuri Village for acclimatization. It is beneficial to eat liquid food and drink plenty of water. The practice of fasting while visiting Bhagwati also causes high altitude sickness. 

We bought a soft yak Churpi from Kalinchok and returned to Kuri Village around 9 o'clock. By the time we returned, the snow had melted and the roads were slippery. After having food at Kuri Village, we came to Charikot by sharing a pickup with two others. As the local bus had left, after having food at Kuri Village, we shared a pickup with two others and came to Charikot. Although there are many other places to visit including Dolakha Bhimsen, we reached Kathmandu on Friday by local bus due to lack of time.
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I have already described from Kathmandu to Kuri Village on another page regarding the Kalinchowk tour. Please read by clicking here. Here is the second-day trip start of the Kalinchowk tour.

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