The more important your creation is in the Gurushats strategy, the more time is of the essence.

Top photo winner

Some words related to Gurushats

Traffic is many users are busy at times before going to bed and after getting up and time before the end of the challenge.
Fill Exposure means votes topics or use fill key 
The boost means it gives a burst of exposure to one selected photo.
Swap is received equal exposure swapping another pic.

Traffic Time 6AM to 7AM CET,  7PM CET and 15 minutes before the end of the challenge.
Don't forget to fill the exposure once a day in 4 photo challenge and twice in single photo challenge.
In 4 Photo Challenge, if your photo is at the top level, swap it 12 hours before ending the challenge, and in a single Photo Challenge, swap it 6 hours before ending the challenge. Swap it back 5 to 10 minutes before the end of the challenge. This gives you more chances to win the challenge and even if you don't win the challenge, you can finish the challenge in a good position.

Join in the challenge

First of all, you need well-composed, sharp, and warm color photos. By looking at the photo that won the challenge, you will be able to guess which photo gets more votes. Some photos look good on their own but voters don't like them.

Upload one photo 12 hours after the start of the challenge during morning or evening traffic and fill exposure after the votes have stopped. If you upload later than 24 hours, you will not get a free boost. After activating the free boost, if possible, boost it in traffic time. Remember that if you are late you will lose the boost. Submit the remaining photos on a daily basis in traffic time. You can also upload in 25 minutes, 20 minutes and 15 minutes before the challenge is over.
If you want to get good results, join a little later and swap a lot. Towards the end of the challenge, boost the photo that gets the most votes. If the photo comes to the top, swap 12 hours before the 4 photo challenge and 6 hours before the single photo challenge. Do not fill the exposure by mistake after the swap. Swap back it 8 minutes before the end of the challenge. Fill exposure after the votes have stopped. In this way, even if the challenge is not won, it can be at the top level.

In a single photo challenge, it is best to join in the middle or towards the end. Remember that if you are too late, you will need a key to join.

Match is on

If you have already joined and submitted all the photos, check the exposure meter, if it is less than half and the time is more than 12 hours, fill the exposure meter in traffic time. 
If not join, upload one photo during traffic if possible, and boost after the votes have stopped. Don't fill exposure even mistakenly. Upload the remaining photos in 25 minutes, 20 minutes, and 15 minutes before the end of the challenge. Fill exposure 5 to 10 minutes before ending the challenge.

If you haven't joined in a single photo challenge, upload it traffic time if possible. The time is more than 6 hours, fill the exposure. If it is less than 6 hours, join the traffic time and fill the exposure 10 minutes before the end of the challenge. 
Joining 15 minutes before the end of the challenge and filling the exposure 5 minutes later gives better results.

If you can't stay till the end, please fill in the exposure and upload all the photos before going away or before going to sleep. 

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