The highest lake in the world - Kajin Sara 5200m, discovered by mountaineers, was recently called the highest lake, but Tilicho Lake 4919m, three times larger, was considered the highest lake in the world. Lake Tilicho is 4 km long and 1.5 km wide and 200 m deep. Kajin Sara is believed to be 1.5 km and 600 meters wide. Both these lakes are within the Manang district.
Tilicho Lake
TIlicho Lake
Tilicho Base Camp
Tilicho Base Camp

Tilicho Peak
Tilicho Peak

Summary of Highest lake in the world

  • Max. length 4 km, Max. width 1.2 km, Max. depth 85 m and Surface area 4.8 km2  
  • Mountain has seen - Annapurna I 8091m, Annapurna II 7937m, Annapurna III 7555m, Gangapurna 7455m, Manaslu 8163m, Tarke kang 7193m, Tilicho peak 7134m, Ngadi chuli 7871m, Nimjung 7140m, Tare kang 7069m, Himlung 7126, etc.
  • Max. elevation - Tilicho lake 4919m, Thorang-la 5416m
  • Less population but rich in Himalayan culture.
  • Apple farm, Local cow(Yak) 
  • Hike to Chongkor Viewpoint, Gangapurna lake, Cultural Museum
  • Milarap's cave, Bragga gompa
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Best time to visit Tilicho lake

The best time to visit Tilicho Lake on the months of March to May and September to November. June to September is also suitable as there is not much rain in the monsoon. But the way to get there is a monsoon area so you have to face the rain. It is not suitable as it is very cold and snowy in winter. Start your journey early in the morning to get better views from the Tilicho base camp. otherwise, the wind will blow in the afternoon and it will be covered with clouds.

How to get to Tilicho lake

Besishahar, 173 kilometers away from Kathmandu, can be reached by microbuses in 6 hours. From there, the 97 km Manang jeeps take about 8 hours. The jeep also goes to Khangsar, 11 kilometers away from Manang. It takes 8 hours to reach Tilicho base camp from Manang and 6 hours from Khangsar. As it is a landslide trail, it is not suitable to walk at night or when the weather is bad. It takes about 4 to 6 hours to reach Tilicho Lake from Tilicho base camp. Alternatively, the Highest lake in the world Tilicho Lake can be reached from Humde Airport, 9 km from Manang, and from Mustang bypassing Thorangla and by helicopter.

Itinerary from Manang to Tilicho

  • Day 1 Manang to Tilicho Base Camp 6 to 8 hours or Khangsar to Tilicho basecamp 4 to 6 hours.
  • Day 2 Tilicho Base Camp to Tilicho lake 4 to 6 hours or Tilicho lake to Tilicho Base Camp 2 to 4 hours and Tilicho Base Camp to Khangsar 4 to 6 hours or Tilicho Base Camp to Manang 6 to 7 hours.

Preparation to travel

As you have to walk up to 4919 meters and up to 8 hours to the highest lake in the world, you must be physically fit. Horses can also be hired by those who cannot walk, but it is not always available, especially when there are few tourists. Warm clothing such as down jackets, gloves, windcheaters, hats, trekking or hiking shoes, warm leggings, goggles, sticks, water bottles, sun cream, sun caps, and good backpacks as well as first aid kits. If you are going around winter, you should also carry a good sleeping bag and at other times the hotel blanket and quilt work. All these items are expensive to buy and can be rented at Thamel.

Suggestions for travelers 

Take photos and videos but leave only footprints. Respect the culture and traditions of the locals. They and their ancestors have been dedicating this place for thousands of years. Hunting and collection of natural resources are illegal. Manage your garbage respectfully.

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