Lo Manthang Forbidden kingdom of Nepal - Lomanthang is a protected area in the northern part of the Mustang District. It is also called the Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. It has the status of a special kingdom under Nepal. The last King of the Lomanthang region was Jigme Dorje Palwar Bista. The city is believed to have been founded in the thirteenth century. Lo Manthang is also known as the walled city of Upper Mustang because of the village wall. The city is 90 kilometers from Jomsom and 20 kilometers from the Chinese border Kora La. The religion and culture here are similar to that of the Tibetans, who are practicing Buddhism. Until the road from Jomsom to Lo Manthang was built, everything from trade to life depended on Tibet
Lo Manthang village
Lo Manthang village

A young boy from Chhoser
A young boy from Chhoser

Sija Jhong cave
Sija Jhong cave

Summary of Lo Manthang

  • Population 1899 (2011)
  • Area 727 km²
  • Surface elevation 3840m
  • Tiji festival
  • Thubchen (700 years old), Jyampa and Chodye monasteries. 
  • Namgyal, Charang, Lo Ghekar(Oldest monastery), Ghiling monasteries and Sija Jhong cave outside Lo Manthang

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How to get to lo Manthang

After traveling 96 kilometers from Pokhara to Beni, 85 kilometers from Beni to Jomsom, and 90 kilometers from Jomsom, you can reach Lo Manthang. Jomsom can be reached by a 25-minute flight from Pokhara and Kagbeni bypassing Thorang La 5416m from Manang. Be careful, small cars and small CC motorcycles can't go because of the dirt road. And don't wear white because the road and the geography here are dusty.

Itinerary to Lo Manthang

  • Day 1 Jomsom to Lo Manthang.  Visit Tubchhen monastery, Lo Manthang palace, and Lo Manthang village, etc.
  • Day 2 Drive to Kora La border, Sija Jhong cave, Namgyal monastery, etc, and back to Lo Manthang.
  • Day 3 back to Jomsom

Travel preparation

Due to snowfall in Upper Mustang or Lo Manthang in winter, transportation is closed, And to escape the cold, the inhabitants move to the lower places. As you have to travel above 3800 meters, warm clothes are required and the geography here is dusty or dry, so you must carry a mask to avoid it. And don't miss out on first aid kits except for the ones you need.

best time to visit upper mustang

July to September is the best time to visit the upper Mustang to see the vegetation of the arid plateau of the Himalayas. The Upper Mustang falls in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas which is very beautiful in the monsoon. October and November are also the best times because the weather is clear. You can also visit in April and May, but the weather has been a bit hazy lately.

Sugestion for traveller

Take photos and videos but leave only footprints. Respect the culture and traditions of the locals. They and their ancestors have been dedicating this place for thousands of years. Hunting and collection of natural resources are illegal. Manage your garbage respectfully.

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