Here are some tips you must know before visit Nepal or While in Nepal. Don't worry about the visa, you can get an On Arrival visa here but you pay cash for the visa fee. Except some tourist area and city area card is not acceptable for payment. you have to carry some cash in Nepali currency or Dollar. 

Drugs and weapons are completely banned here as in other countries. Professional hunters will be able to bring weapons diplomatically. Be sure to check with the agencies you have booked before you bring your travel equipment. 

Drones are strictly prohibited in sensitive areas such as temples, military camps, government offices, and near airports. It is also mandatory to get permission from the aviation department to fly drones.  

Citizens of all countries have a permit to go trekking and this permit like a TIMS card can be obtained from the following places. Kathmandu (NTB office, TAAN Office, and Government registered trekking companies). Pokhara (NTB office, TAAN Office, and Government registered trekking companies). For more information please visit NTB (Nepal Tourism Board). Currently, according to the law of the Government of Nepal, only licensed holder trekking guides and porters can take trekking and tour.

You should never go alone trekking or restricted area. You may not kill or consume wildlife without special permission. This rule is strictly enforced, especially within national parks. This suggestion is for your safety and violence. 

Tables of Manner

The greeting here is called Namaste or doing a pair of hands. Don't offer others to eat the food you are eating. Such food is considered false and it is not in Nepali culture. Kissing and hugging are also not acceptable except for the younger generation. It is considered inappropriate to enter the house wearing shoes and slippers except in hotels and offices. This rule is strictly enforced in temples and monasteries. It is not allowed to enter the Hindu temple wearing leather goods and clothes. 

walking manner teach you to walk at least see each other, always stay corner side or step up when yak, horses even porter have come. climb 300 to 500 meters when you traveling over 3000 meters for adjusting acclimatization. Asked your guide or local peoples about predatory animals and natural disasters.

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